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“I shout louder that I shall serve the Lord” *Prophet Christian B. TSHIBANGU*

Prophet Christian B. TSHIBANGU is the General Overseer of the Eternal Word Ministries has been holding miracle crusades and conferences for over the last 21 years in different places around the world. God has used him in a powerful way in the area of prophetic words, deliverances, breakthroughs, signs and wonders. We are expecting an awesome outpouring of Gods Spirit during those Conferences. He is also: President at Unique Moment with Couples, Founder Of Peace and Reconciliation Foundationf (PRF) and member and initiator of the Blessing Networks Praye’s Platform


“Life has the value when you understand the purpose of your existence”

PSALM 46:1 “…God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”


Who is Prophet Christian BINENE TSHIBANGU?

This man is name is Christian BINENE TSHIBANGU

Born on the 7th of October 1978

Born from the late Jean Pierre and Charlotte TSHIBANGU as parents

Married to Sylvie KAZADI TSHIBANGU and father of three sons Guide, Obed and Comfort TSHIBANGU

Overseer and President of Eternal Word Ministries based in Mitchell’s Plain – Cape Town

About Prophet Christian B.T and Eternal Word Ministries is one of the International prophetic ministries that is preaching salvation, deliverance, leading lives to Jesus Christ and prayers deliverance and breakthrough for those have bandage! Marriage problems, teenage problems, social & work related issues, domestic related, business & financial problems, clinical report and more.

Prophet Christian B.T is a founder and General overseer of the Eternal Word Ministries

The EWM is based in Cape Town – South Africa

Prophet Christian had a dynamic personality and enthusiastic messages of salvation! Deliverance! Purpose and destiny! Love and compassion, are used to reach people and transform their lives! There is a strong emphasis on moral regeneration although the world is facing many moral challenges at the moment! Christian B.T and Eternal Word Ministries’ team believe that they can inspire and motivate from young to old people of this great generation to have a life set free, full of hope, purpose and destiny.

Prophet Christian is reaching men and women in different churches! Cultures and communities around the world

Our powerful message of salvation, healing and deliverance, is bringing breakthrough in all area and aspect of life.

We are fulfilling the great commission of preaching the gospel and leading great amount of people to Jesus Christ, every day we are interceding for God’s out pouring of His Spirit during all our events such like conference, crusade, summits and etc… Joint us we can make a difference.

Christian B.T he is the initiator of blessing network, Peace and Reconciliation Foundation and CEO at Studio Chrisylvie (Pty) Ltd

He is a mighty man of God, Prophet by calling and one of the best French and English speaker and with my wife Sylvie, we passionate to share God’s love to everyone, full off compassion for God’s people, together we formed an intercession team and Stand into the gap for to intercede for people.

All started in 1990

First, I must say things went wrong in between my Mother and my Father and at that point of time, they break apart and tragedies started in our life, as my Mother had money and my Father had is money so nobody cares about what will going to happen to us, as an elder but only 12 old age I couldn’t undue all the issues of life specially the big task was how should I reconcile my parents teen as I was?

Almost 2 years that I was in a real trouble of moving side to side which did make me going mad, confuse, desperate and loosing focus in everything’s and then I start realizing that there is no future for me.


I want somebody to hear me carefully here Revelation 12:11 “And they defeated him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of their testimony. And they were not afraid to die”

– My dad died, l was only 12 -13 old age and I was with him in that time, he first get sick and his health went out of doctors’ control, and there where no way for him to survived then he died.

– After the buried I decided to go back to my Mother as she was in another province, the great surprise at my arrival is she rejected me and I tough it was a joke on that day, I went to visit other people and come back later in the evening but she was strict and it’s was my very first day to sleep outside and then the real trouble toked place that since ever everybody could reject me wherever I could go.

This made me feel rejected from all my relatives and friends but anyway I was not able to understand what The Lord was still busy doing in my life through those rejections

Yes the Lord’ hand was upon me.

– I loosed control and one day I decide to end up with my life, In mind there come the word suicide!!!

All I could do now is to think about ending my life then to see the future tough that I couldn’t resist until I made a plan to do so.

A. I toked 3 glass of the undiluted acid battery, I toked the torch pile destroyed them and use the black powder from it and mix them in the acids and drink that all.

But guess what? I waited to die but nothing happen to me.

B. At the second time I toked the rope, worked in the bush after just 6 months from the first experience, and then tied the rope on the tree in my neck and jump tough it’s finish but someone was watching and He could save me from this trouble (God), I find myself on the ground, nose full of dry bloods, white form in my mouth, I felled tired and very weak, I realized that I still not ending my life, I run against a tree, I stoned on myself nothing still not happened to me and then I have to make up my mind of going back in the City and tried to move on again with my life but the situation doesn’t change and no way to go.

C. This gives me heart bitter and I become the more hopeless so from there then, I would sometimes go visit different quiet places, seems like am running from people because I had no support from them

And it’s happened that one day I walk to a river which very deep, I seat on a stone and meditate upon my life, where I come from, where do I am and what can be next, in mind I wasn’t able to realize that there is a future for me, now it’s come to mind again that here the water, if the poison couldn’t kill you, to hung up wasn’t just like a joke but try the water.

I did double check, right, left, behind and the other side of the river if there were someone watching me but I find no one and I throw in water for to just end up my life.

Here I can tell you what I can recognize, things that I did and in my conciseness I mean what I was doing, I drink the water, I don’t know what to tell here!!! 😰 .

Guest what? I find myself in ICU after few weeks and for to recovered my sense completely its toked 3 months, in those days In hospital no one as my brothers or a family’s member could come pay me any visit, explanations from Doctors is that someone did saved me from water and dropped me at the hospital, that’s why I was there as they told me.

Still in hospital, on one day laying on my bed, here come a man with the Bible in is hand, the greeted me and start sharing an exhortation which was directed to the points of my life and things that he was saying could make sense in the way I realized that maybe this man knew what I was going through but yet he didn’t know me at all either before or at the time he come in the hospital room where I was laying.

The man spoke to me about: “Have hope because there is a future for your life”

He did cote 2 scriptures which I can record up to now

Hebrews 11:1

John 3:16

And from those 2 scriptures the man of God was telling me about: 1. HOPE and 2. LOVE, he conclude that I must have hope for my future knowing that no matter what I’m going through in life, there is someone who loves me so much even though other people rejecting me, HE (God) still love me.

From that time I accepted Jesus as my Savor and my Lord and the man of God prayed for me.

It’s happened that few days before my day to be discharged from hospital the man of God come back again and told me that he is so convinced that if my time to stay at the hospitals finished, he would take me and stay with by his house, I got shocked and failed into agony.

Yes indeed the Lord was good to me, the man come picked me up from the hospital and I stayed in is house, there I discovered that he was a Pastor, together is family, o started attending the church, fellowship and sharing all with him, we had so many times in prayer and fasted with him, he could explain to me so many realities in faith, until the Lord has confirmed about my calling to ministry.

Praise be the name of the Lord who has saved me from death and broke me to life in Oder to use me for to also save and help his people, this become my life style: Saved for to Use for people Salvation and deliverance.

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